We provide teams of specialists and comprehensive services for organizations that need their own software.


We provide teams of specialists and comprehensive services for organizations that need their own software.

Create new software with ease!

You got a new idea? You know what your company needs? Tell us about it and we’ll do the rest: we’ll create complete software and bring your project to life! Without bureaucracy.

Don't worry about the staff rotation in your development team!

We already got programmers for you. Rent our team and work smoothly, immediately and as long as you want.
A bigger team means more possibilities!

You don't have to use software you don't like anymore!

Are you tired of compromises? No software on the market will be as good as created especially for you! Let’s do it together.

You don't have to finance your competition!

Do you finance the development of popular applications that your competitors then use? Enough! Gain an advantage by creating software unavailable to your rivals! We can develop it for you.

You can part with an unreliable contractor!

The ordered software does not work properly? The contractor is no longer reliable or does not meet expectations? Nothing is lost – we can take care of existing applications and bring your projects to success. Do not wait until it gets worse, contact us today!

We will help you create a completely new product without programmers!

You have an idea for a completely new application but no programmers to make it? That’s great – we like innovations and research. Now you can focus on your ideas, and we’ll take care of the system development.

The services you provide can be even more innovative

Do you provide services? Do you want to surprise customers with new functionality, better reports or faster results? By creating software supporting your services you will expand the scope of your capabilities, gain new customers and earn even more!

Solutions implemented so far by our team:

Case studies


Customer supporting the introduction of new medical devices on the market. Control over hundreds of training courses and lectures, their organization and accounting is a challenge beyond the capabilities of Excel. Thanks to our application supporting the flow of information about events, budgets and settlements, the whole process has become easy to use and enabled instantaneous reporting of results.


The client had its own team of programmers to develop internal software, unfortunately, due to the need to continuously develop key applications for the business, it had a problem with employee rotation. With our help, the stress of not being able to develop applications no longer occurs.


A client dealing with the optimization of their customers’ business processes using the LEAN methodology. Where new processes appear, there is a need for new tools. Thanks to us, LEAN partner earns not by providing consulting but also tools.


A client from the MLM industry, before the launch, the company already had a network of distributors waiting for the inauguration of the new MLM, unfortunately, the previous contractor did not manage the task, with our help we managed to quickly start the business and save the company from losing its business partners.


Klient posiada własny zespół programistów, ale konieczność ciągłego rozwoju kluczowych aplikacji wymaga większej ilości specjalistów, których trudno pozyskać. Stworzyliśmy dodatkowy zespół dostarczający oprogramowanie a klient może skupić się na efektywności swojego biznesu.


Klient wspierający wprowadzanie na rynek nowych wyrobów medycznych. Zapanowanie nad setkami szkoleń i wykładów, ich organizacja i rozliczanie to wyzwanie przekraczające możliwości Excela. Dzięki aplikacji wspierającej przepływ informacji o wydarzeniach, budżetach i rozliczeniach, cały proces stał się łatwy w obsłudze i umożliwił błyskawiczne raportowanie wyników.


Klient z branży MLM. Firma przed startem posiadała już siatkę dystrybutorów czekających na inaugurację nowego MLM, niestety poprzedni wykonawca nie podołał zadaniu. Z naszą pomocą udało się szybko uruchomić przedsięwzięcie i uchronić firmę przed stratą swoich partnerów biznesowych.

LEAN Partner

Klient zajmujący się optymalizacją procesów biznesowych swoich klientów z wykorzystaniem metodyki LEAN. Tam gdzie pojawiają się nowe procesy, tam pojawia się potrzeba nowych narzędzi. Dzięki nam LEAN Partner może zarabiać nie tylko na doradztwie ale i narzędziach.

How do we work?

We believe that agile methods of organizing software development are the right answer to the historical failures of software projects.

We work in Scrum methodology, thanks to which results are created iteratively (in so-called sprints) and customers receive working software gradually, when they need it.

While creating the software we follow the needs of the client, which may change during the project. Therefore, the result is always the functionality you need now, not the one you thought you needed at the beginning.

Do you want to see more about software production in the 21st century? Ask.

Our company is 100% “No Office” thanks to that we cooperate with programmers from all over the world, giving them freedom. Our employees do not waste time on commuting, and can spend the saved time with their families. Thanks to the chosen strategy we do not incur high administrative costs, and the saved money can be used to pay for great specialists.

From our observations and experience we know that teams of this type work often better than teams working in one office.

We promise to work for the agreed time, within the agreed scope and in a professional manner. Every 2-4 weeks (sprint) we deliver a real increase in functionality in the software.

We do not foresee any contractual penalties – payment for the stage is a confirmation of customer satisfaction and a decision on further cooperation.
We fully understand the decision to shorten or extend the project, we are aware of the business and financial conditions of our clients.
We satisfy needs, not bureaucracy.

Our procedures only provide for the delivery of tried and tested software. This is not possible in a one- or two-person team.

The source code is versioned, each functionality is examined by a different programmer, tested by a different person and finally by automated machines verifying compliance with the rules.

We focus on quality, without compromises.

Posiadamy kilkadziesiąt lat doświadczeń w wytwarzaniu oprogramowania dla biznesu. Technologie przemijają, a my uczymy się nowych. Najczęściej wykorzystujemy poniższe (ale nie tylko):

PHP, Java, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C++

Selenium, Symfony, Django, Zend, Laravel, jQuery, ExtJS, React, Angular, Spring, .NET, Doctrine, Drupal, Sylius

MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Linux, Windows Server, Docker, RabbitMQ

Presentation of the Client’s expectations

Several days to several weeks → Notes on customer needs

Creating a Feature Map

Up to a week→ Customer needs notes

Discussing the Map with the Client

Several hours→ Map update

Estimation of workload

Couple of days→ Product pricing

Acceptance of the valuation by the Client

Couple of days→ Order

Determining the details of cooperation

Couple of days→ Agreement

Planowanie sprintu

Kilka h → Backlog sprintu

Programowanie i testy

2-4 tygodni → Przyrost

Przegląd sprintu

1h → Akceptacja prac


Kilka h → Aktualizacja backlogu